City Preps For Possible COVID-19 Surge Amid Somber Meeting

The city of Pasadena, in partnership with Huntington Hospital and the Pasadena Convention Center, launched an alternate medical care facility recently to be used only if the hospital surpasses capacity for COVID-19 patients.

Pasadena officials convened the special City Council meeting this week in somber recognition of the growing personal toll on the community as confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue rising at an alarming rate.
Mayor Terry Tornek initiated a moment of silence after officials recited the customary Pledge of Allegiance.
“I ask that we all take a moment to reflect on the extraordinarily difficult circumstances that we are facing as a community today,” he said. “Also, that we share the grief and the pain that we have suffered due to death and illness in Pasadena and our nation and around the world. Please call upon whatever spiritual strength you can summon to comfort and support others and to hope for an early end to this terrible time.” Continue reading “City Preps For Possible COVID-19 Surge Amid Somber Meeting”