Planning Commission Denies Unocal 76 Gas Station Alcohol Permit

For now, the city of La Cañada Flintridge will not have a gas station mini mart selling alcohol after the Planning Commission unanimously denied a permit to the Unocal 76 on Foothill Boulevard, upholding a long-standing policy.
Before casting his vote on Tuesday, Commissioner Arun Jain said he visited five gas stations in town personally on Sunday to ask them if they have a beer, wine or liquor license.
“Each one of them told me the same story,” Jain said. “They were denied and don’t have it. And that has been a very long-standing policy for La Cañada. I didn’t know that.” He added because there are nearby schools and a church, “it would be negative for the people living in that area. This granting of the license is not sitting well within the community as such and it would be a special privilege granted to you.”
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