Amazon Confirms Burbank Delivery Station

Several Amazon trucks are pictured at a delivery station in a stock image.
Photo courtesy Amazon
An Amazon spokesperson said the new delivery station, such as the one pictured here, will allow for faster order fulfillment. Residents are concerned it will also increase traffic.

After much speculation, Amazon has confirmed that it is leasing a facility near the Hollywood Burbank Airport to open a new delivery station, expected to open this spring.

Amazon spokesman Justin Grayson told the Burbank Leader that the station would be within the 61-acre Avion site, though he explained information was not available regarding the square footage of the facility.

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Runner Makes 24-Hour Charity Trek to Rose Bowl Stadium

Photo by Christian Leonard / OUTLOOK
Burbank resident Roy Wiegand ran a 24-hour course from Ventura to Pasadena recently to raise money for the Navajo Water Project, one of multiple humanitarian initiatives he has supported.

Roy Wiegand knew that, when he made his 24-hour run recently, he’d turn some heads. And that was partially by design.
“It intrigues people, like why would anybody go run a hundred miles by themselves,” he said before his run. “This is why, because of the Navajo Water Project … It gets the conversation started.”
Wiegand, a Burbank resident and ultramarathon runner, made the solo trek from Ventura to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena Aug. 8 and 9, stopping only for brief periods. Besides loving the challenge of the run, he also did it to raise money for the Navajo Water Project, which provides running water to families living on the tribe’s reservation, which includes parts of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.
More than 30% of Navajo families don’t have a tap or toilet at home, according to DigDeep, a nonprofit that launched the Navajo Water Project. Many families have to haul water from a public source away from their homes.

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