City Departments Highlight Proposed Changes in Spending

The San Marino City Council will hear a presentation on the proposed 2019-20 Capital Improvement Plan budget’s major changes on April 26, after which it plans to consider the full municipal budget presentation on May 31.
That full presentation will include more fleshed-out figures from the three preliminary presentations the council recently saw for each of the city’s departments, which highlighted major expenditure changes they were eyeing for next year. Continue reading “City Departments Highlight Proposed Changes in Spending”

City to Hold New Hearing Regarding Starbucks Changes

By a narrow margin, the City Council voted to hit the reset button on negotiations with Starbucks to modify the conditional use permit that has governed the store’s operation in San Marino since 1994.
Mayor Dr. Steven Huang joined Vice Mayor Gretchen Shepherd Romey and Council-woman Susan Jakubowski last week in doing away with an agreement, approved by the Planning Commission in November, that allowed for slight expansions to business hours and, more controversially, widened the window for product deliveries. Councilmen Steve Talt and Ken Ude voted against the measure to reset the changes. Continue reading “City to Hold New Hearing Regarding Starbucks Changes”

City Council Starts to Zero In on ‘Extra’ Projects

On the basis of a resident survey and their own opinions, City Council members have formally dictated which special projects they’d like to review when municipal departments begin presenting their 2019-20 budgets.
In its Friday morning meeting, the council voted for or against proposed projects by line item, often after discussion among the group’s members and city officials on the merits and scope of the proposals. That being said, the votes Friday reflected only a desire to hear more about the proposals, which will still have to be approved as part of next year’s budget. Continue reading “City Council Starts to Zero In on ‘Extra’ Projects”

Ordinance Set to Ban Commercial E-Scooters

San Marino is poised to fully ban shared mobility devices — popularly called e-scooters — assuming a second reading of an ordinance passes without a hitch or substantial changes at next month’s City Council meeting.
Cities in Los Angeles County have taken differing approaches to the e-scooters’ arrival, with some approving pilot programs to work with manufacturers to develop guidelines for the devices’ use in their communities, and others banning them outright. Although the scooters are popular for their convenience — most can be rented for low prices via mobile app — and usefulness for short, quick trips, some see them as congesting roadways and sidewalks and exacerbating motorist and pedestrian safety issues. Continue reading “Ordinance Set to Ban Commercial E-Scooters”

Residents Urged to Make Wish List of City Projects

Now is the time to let the city know what projects you want it to take a hard look at when budget decisions are due in a few months.
Through a survey on the city’s website, residents are encouraged to review the list of 21 potential projects that have been discussed by officials and select as many as 10 of their favorites. The City Council plans to consider this resident input when plotting out the 2019-20 budget. The council narrowed its list to these 21 projects from an initial 53. Continue reading “Residents Urged to Make Wish List of City Projects”

Adviser on Historic Preservation Briefs City

The firm Architectural Resources Group expects to wrap up its identification of potential historic resources in San Marino by June, after which it will begin its more intensive survey to develop the final list for City Hall.
Armed with the final report, the city hopes to be able to begin formally designating historic landmarks and structures in town, affording them the protection from heavy modification or demolition that is desired by the City Council as well as other vocal groups and residents in the community. The survey comes at the mandate of the city’s preservation ordinance that was passed nearly a year ago. Continue reading “Adviser on Historic Preservation Briefs City”