Thefts, Other Crime Fell in February

Reports for major crimes in Burbank dropped about 22.4% from January to February, according to recently released data from the Burbank Police Department.
The overall drop in Part 1 “index crimes” — which include an aggregate of incident types tracked to gauge a city’s crime statistics — from 277 in January to 215 in February reflected a less dramatic decrease in theft reports between the two months, from 189 to 164. The number of reports for auto thefts, burglaries and violent crimes also fell.
February’s report total was the lowest for the month since February 2018, when there were 198 incident reports.
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Police: Mental Health Holds Down, Contacts Up

Involuntary hospitalizations of people experiencing a mental health crisis have been falling steadily over the past several years, according to the Burbank Police Department. But its mental health team responded to significantly more calls last year than in 2019.
California law allows law enforcement officers to detain individuals for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalization if they pose danger to themselves or others, or have been “gravely disabled” as a result of a mental disorder. Burbank police made 439 of these detentions, often called “5150 holds” after the section of state law that authorizes them, in 2020 — down from 516 in 2019 and 692 in 2016.

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Police Department Reports Show Slight Uptick in Crime

Data Source: Burbank Police Department

Crime in Burbank is showing early signs of returning to — even surpassing — pre-pandemic levels, according to January data from the Burbank Police Department.
More crimes are generally reported in December and January than many other months in Burbank, an analysis of the data showed. And after a period last year of a somewhat reduced number of crimes reported often attributed to restrictive health orders, early figures this year show incidents rising again.
Last month, the BPD reported, there were a total of 277 Part 1 “index crime” reports, up from 263 reports in December, which itself had a marked increase from 222 in November.
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Attempted Carjacking, Bank Robbery Reported

Burbank police say a man robbed a local bank inside a Ralphs this week. In a separate incident, the department also recently reported that two people were detained following an attempted carjacking and shooting.
The robbery occurred at the U.S. Bank inside the Ralphs at 2600 W. Victory Blvd., according to Sgt. Emil Brimway of the Burbank Police Department. He said the BPD received a report regarding the robbery at about 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday, finding that a man had approached a bank employee with a note demanding money.
The suspect left with an “undisclosed amount of money,” Brimway added, and was not apprehended this week. No one was physically injured during the robbery.
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