Healing Arts for Hospital Patients

Photo courtesy USC-VHH
As part of the Healing Arts Initiative at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, patients can take advantage of the “art cart” — they can pick a painting by a local artist to display in their hospital room and take home with them when they leave.

When inpatients leave USC Verdugo Hills Hospital and return home, sometimes they take a print of a painting with them.

They get them from the so-called “art cart,” and they’re free for the patients. Elsewhere throughout the community hospital, the patients, doctors, nurses and other staffers are also treated to a variety of locally produced artwork, framed and embellishing upon the walls of hallways, patient rooms and gathering areas. While staying there, inpatients can also tune into video presentations of past art exhibits on iPads brought to their rooms.

It’s all part of the Healing Arts Initiative at USC-VHH.

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Ex-QB Leaf Shares Tale of Downfall, Recovery

“I’m so grateful I spent 32 months in prison. I don’t recommend it, but I’m grateful.”
These were the words from a frank and honest Ryan Leaf, the former star quarterback from Washington State University who flamed out of the NFL after being drafted second overall in 1998 and fell into a spiral of well-documented substance abuse. He was speaking Friday at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, on behalf of the YMCA of the Foothills, as a man who had to face the music for his drug abuse and knows his work is far from over. Continue reading “Ex-QB Leaf Shares Tale of Downfall, Recovery”