Goats Need No Goading to Reduce Wildfire Threat

Local residents recently got a chance to meet Glendale’s newest brush abatement employees — a herd of goats that are diligently eating away at excess dry foliage in Montrose and Verdugo parks.

They’re hungry and they’ve been put to work here in Glendale.

In Montrose Park, you’ll find about 80 goats dotting the landscape, foraging for food in what has become a mutually beneficial relationship with the city and its residents based on fire zone brush clearance.

The Glendale Fire Department is making use of the farm mammals in a pilot program, which also included Verdugo Park, to test their effectiveness in wildfire mitigation.

“Verdugo Park and Montrose Park are both really big open spaces,” explained GFD Battalion Chief Jeffrey Ragusa, who is also a fire marshal, “and there are a lot of houses close to the brush there.”

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