Ude Entering SM City Council Race

Ken Ude
Ken Ude

A career businessman, San Marino resident Ken Ude said he will strive to adapt that mindset to the city if elected to the City Council this November.
Ude, a resident since 1986, said he felt more and more compelled to run as he attended City Council meetings and saw how decisions were made for the city. He publicly spoke of potentially running for a seat several months ago.
“The more you go look and see the decisions being made, the questions being asked, it makes you want to,” he said. “The city of San Marino is a $29 million business that needs to be run like one.”
Born in Pasadena, Ude grew up in San Jose and returned to Southern California for college, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1974, master’s degree in public relations in ’75 and a master’s degree in business administration in ’81, all from USC.
After beginning his career in business with Rain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing, Ude would spend his years running six varying types of private equity-backed businesses, many of which he worked to revamp for expense and operational efficiency.
“You learn with that,” Ude said. “It’s not difficult to go into a different operating environment, ask a lot of questions and figure it out. You have to lay out your plans, lay out your budgets and execute.”
As a “business,” Ude said San Marino is tasked with delivering safety and security for residents, who have observed a rise in burglaries and identity thefts, and also a community that prides itself on preserving the historic look residents chose to move into.
“I know there are some ways to improve the way we deliver those services,” he said, adding he’ll push to implement a strategic plan for the city moving forward. “I’m optimistic that I’ll get on and that my business background is different from those who have been on the city council before.”

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