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In Praise of Pasadena’s Spirit of Giving and Serving

⬛ From the Publisher

Years ago, I saw an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times. Its headline read, “Sometimes words aren’t enough. Even for a newspaper.”
That resonated with me. While reporting community news with articles and photographs is vital, a newspaper also has the ability to make a difference in “building community.”
We’re now in our third decade of publication at The Outlook, and covering the remarkable work of our local nonprofit organizations has been a significant mission since the day we launched our company. We’re a family-owned business and have discussed the importance of “giving back” and charity. We are keenly aware that our company is in a unique position to help make a difference, and feel not only that we are blessed, but that we have a social responsibility.
That’s a reason you will likely see a significant increase in coverage dedicated to nonprofit organizations over the next year.
We are fortunate to live and/or work in a community that has so many remarkable nonprofit organizations doing such outstanding work, and also has countless civic-minded citizens with charitable hearts. In fact, you’ll notice that the main story — written by our editor, Camila Castellanos — in today’s Outlook “Celebrating Charity” magazine reports that Pasadena is ranked as one of the top two cities in the nation, based on the number of nonprofit organizations per capita. Think about that for a moment. Thousands of communities, towns and large cities across the country, and we are one of the top two!
As you will read in that article, residents of Greater Pasadena are exceptionally generous in their support of charitable and nonprofit organizations. These organizations provide assistance to individuals and families through a wide range of services, including personal counseling, job training and placement; temporary housing; assistance in the escape from abusive relationships; support of individuals and families affected by cancer; counseling and care of mothers-to-be that continues even after childbirth; aiding in the transformation of those who’ve had lives of prostitution and drug dependency; care and support of autistic and developmentally challenged people; providing the enjoyment of the arts to low-income families and children; and many others.
The Outlook recognizes the importance of these organizations and the vital roles they play in our community, and we have actively promoted them for many years. We have expanded the content and frequency of our reporting to provide our readers with details about these organizations’ missions and responsibilities; how, where and to whom they provide their services; their fundraising events; and success stories and other information about these organizations.
We hope many of our readers will develop a connection to one or more of these groups, perhaps become active volunteer partners and provide valuable financial support, enabling the organizations to grow as they fulfill their missions.
You may remember last year’s “Celebrating Charity” edition, which generated the most positive feedback that I have received for any special edition that we had EVER published. I’m happy to say that the magazine enclosed in today’s issue is the largest and potentially the most life-changing issue in the history of The Outlook. We thank all of the businesses, corporations and nonprofits that supported this special edition by purchasing advertising. As you read through it, there may be a few local nonprofit organizations you are learning about for the first time. Their missions may have piqued your interest, and many of the groups offer opportunities to volunteer as well as support them financially. Hopefully, you may consider assisting them. One Pasadena gentleman treated me to lunch earlier this year and told me that he read last year’s “Celebrating Charity” and became familiar with some organizations of which he’d never heard. He said that after reading the articles, he pulled out his checkbook and made donations to four of these nonprofits. What a beautiful endorsement of what our local organizations — and individuals — do.
I wish to thank our entire Outlook team — the editors and writers, production/design personnel, sales team, managers and staff — that made today’s special section possible. And on a personal note, I want to thank my parents — my dad, Charlie, and late mother, Ruth — and my wife, Sandra, for sharing in such a unique vision for this newspaper, which hopefully is making a difference in the communities we serve.
Finally, a thank you to all of Greater Pasadena’s nonprofits. All the individuals who work, volunteer and financially support these organizations are true heroes — for the jobs you do and the difference you make in the lives of others.
The name of this section, “Celebrating Charity,” was coined by our company’s vice president, Mickie Sullivan, and truly says it all. That’s exactly what we are attempting to do today and in each week’s edition of The Outlook. We hope you enjoy today’s issue.

Outlook Celebrating Charity

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