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Walden’s Pre-K Nurtures Children’s Natural Wonder

Walden’s Pre-K program provides a warm and rich learning environment that offers opportunities for multi-sensory exploration, experimentation, and discovery. Children learn through hands-on experiences with activities and materials that are thoughtfully chosen to foster their intellectual, physical, personal, and social growth.
While the development of pre-academic abilities and skills is a component of the program, we emphasize a growth mindset and the development of healthy habits: work habits (responsibility, organization, tenacity, striving to do your best) and habits of being (conflict resolution strategies, self-reliance, manners, caring for our environment). Another emphasis is the development of a social consciousness, with many aspects of the curriculum fostering a sense of self in relation to others, helping children become positive and caring members of their community.
We recognize play as children’s “work” and respect it as the medium through which young children learn. Our teachers encourage children to be actively involved in the learning process and carefully balance teacher-initiated and child-led activities. Children are given time and personal space in which to grow; the time to be themselves; the time to live in their childhood rather than through it.
For more information, visit waldenschool.net.


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