Vaccinations a Hit With Youth Baseball Club

Photo by Zane Hill / Outlook Valley Sun
Trevor Rivas, Chase Regan and Milo Lin proudly show off their bandages on Saturday after receiving their first round of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. The vaccines will allow them and other members of their La Cañada youth baseball team to travel and compete in a tournament in Cooperstown, New York, next month.

Who knew a bunch of preteen boys and girls would wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday excited to go get a shot?

This past weekend, nearly 1,200 of them did, and their families brought them to USC Verdugo Hills Hospital to get their first doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. The hospital administered another 850 doses this week.

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Officials Hope Mask Announcement Will Spur Vaccinations

Photo courtesy Glendale Fire Department
A firefighter with the Glendale Fire Department administers a coronavirus vaccine as part of the city’s home vaccination program, which recently resumed after federal officials OK’d continued use of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson inoculation.

The announcement by President Joe Biden and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week that they feel fully vaccinated people can comfortably shed their masks in most public locations was a welcome one for many Americans.

It was also welcomed by Glendale Fire Chief Silvio Lanzas, who, like many others, read between the lines when the president said that if you’re vaccinated, the federal government won’t be the one to tell you to keep your mask on. A popular interpretation of the statement is that, as vaccination rates tumble, officials are hoping to encourage more Americans to get their inoculations against the coronavirus.

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Healing Arts for Hospital Patients

Photo courtesy USC-VHH
As part of the Healing Arts Initiative at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, patients can take advantage of the “art cart” — they can pick a painting by a local artist to display in their hospital room and take home with them when they leave.

When inpatients leave USC Verdugo Hills Hospital and return home, sometimes they take a print of a painting with them.

They get them from the so-called “art cart,” and they’re free for the patients. Elsewhere throughout the community hospital, the patients, doctors, nurses and other staffers are also treated to a variety of locally produced artwork, framed and embellishing upon the walls of hallways, patient rooms and gathering areas. While staying there, inpatients can also tune into video presentations of past art exhibits on iPads brought to their rooms.

It’s all part of the Healing Arts Initiative at USC-VHH.

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Hotel’s Vouchers for Homeless Would Continue Under Proposal

The City Council seems poised to enact an urgency ordinance on Tuesday to essentially enter into a contract with a local hotel developer that would involve committing the operation to temporary homeless housing vouchers.

Under the general terms of the proposed ordinance, which was discussed this past Tuesday, the Vagabond Inn on West Colorado Street would continue to accept vouchers for the homeless tenants through the remainder of the year and would consider six-month renewals after that until the site is demolished. In exchange, developer Vista Investments LLC, which owns the inn, will be granted a contractual development agreement with the city that allows Vista additional time to complete the approved project with its variances. The Glendale Youth Alliance would administer the voucher program, with assistance from the city, and hotel stays would be capped at 28 days per client.

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Clark Magnet, CVHS Lead GUSD in Ranking

Glendale Unified School District’s four high schools were each ranked among the nation’s top high schools in the annual U.S. News and World Report evaluations.
Leading the way was Clark Magnet High School, which was named as the No. 510 high school nationally, followed by Crescenta Valley High School (No. 1,097 nationwide), Hoover High School (No. 3,949) and Glendale High School (No. 4,840). U.S. News evaluated GUSD’s schools alongside 17,857 in total this year, placing all of GUSD’s primary high schools within the 72nd percentile of the nation.
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GUSD Expands Summer Offerings to Combat Learning Loss

The Glendale Unified School District will offer a variety of free, in-person programming this summer in an effort to help fill the educational and social gaps created this school year by circumstances resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.
Throughout June, July and August, the district will host programs for all levels of education and expand the offerings from prior programs, which were typically run through third parties outside of the district. In an effort to promote equity throughout the diverse school district, GUSD has taken over operation of those programs, including accelerated programs.
“These are the courses that have typically been offered through the Glendale Educational Foundation,” explained Chris Coulter, director of teaching and learning, at this week’s school board meeting, “which provides additional opportunities for students to take health for free. Health, math, science and history are the most common of the acceleration courses.”
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Sparks Make Glendale a 2nd Home

Photo courtesy Los Angeles Sparks
Forward Seimone Augustus (pictured prior to her retirement as a player and taking on a coaching position with the team) and other players for the Los Angeles Sparks were happy to return to a relatively normal training camp in April. Coach Derek Fisher described their new practice arrangement at Glendale’s Academy USA as a facility his players deserve to have as their own.

The road to a championship may just now run through the Jewel City.
When the Los Angeles Sparks kicked off training camp for what will hopefully be a return to normalcy, they did so right here in Glendale, at Academy USA. The team will spend the current season training and practicing at the sports club tucked in between San Fernando Road and the railroad tracks separating the city from Atwater Village.
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City Honors Local Woman After Tragedy

Photo by Zane Hill / Glendale News-Press
Elvira Muñoz and Bob Geoghegan, with their daughter Jacqueline and dog Rocky, unveiled a memorial bench and eastern redbud tree at Brand Park this week, in memory of another daughter, Lauren, who was slain while traveling abroad in 2018.

Three years ago this week, longtime Glendale residents Bob Geoghegan and Elvira Muñoz were visiting their daughter, Lauren, and her boyfriend in Montenegro.
As he fondly recalled on Thursday, Geoghegan said they’d swam in the Adriatic Sea, just off the coast of the picturesque Balkan nation. Less fondly, he then explained that this would sadly be the last time they would see their daughter — the couple would be slain months later, while biking in Tajikistan, during an extremist attack that shocked the world at the time.
This week, the city memorialized the enterprising, curious young woman with a commemorative bench and accompanying eastern redbud tree at Brand Park, where a young Lauren Muñoz Geoghegan spent her formative years meeting her friends on the playgrounds, playing soccer in the fields and hiking the foothills crowning the city park.
“Particularly on weekends,” Bob Geoghegan explained, “we would all come here and have a great time. Lauren, with her wonderful spirit, made it a wonderful time.”

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Genocide Recognition is Appreciated, Armenians Say

Last week’s declaration from President Joe Biden that the United States formally recognized the Armenian genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire during World War I, even though it was expected, was widely welcomed by Armenian Americans and human rights advocates nationwide.
Now, advocates say they will pivot their energy toward the logical next steps beyond this milestone, which includes seeking a more tangible acknowledgement of the atrocities that left upwards of 1.5 million Armenians slaughtered at the hands of Turkish nationalists in the waning empire. The erosion of Armenians’ sovereignty over their historic lands mostly continued in the aftermath, as the emergent republic was absorbed by the imperialist Soviet Union and, after regaining independence, twice warring with neighboring Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

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City Nixes More La Crescenta Fireworks Funds; Sparks Venue Search

In lieu of further assisting the traditional Crescenta Valley Fireworks show, the City Council asked for city staff to explore partnering with another organization to try producing an Independence Day fireworks show that would be in or near downtown Glendale.
Whether the city can make it happen is another story, as a specific location remained undetermined, as did the ability for it to even locate a vendor who isn’t booked for the national holiday. Still, they will try to make it work, likely with help from the Downtown Glendale Association or another unnamed organization suggested by Councilman Ara Najarian.
“I would much rather see that to be done in an area where people from around the city can get there, maybe by walking or looking outside their window,” he said Tuesday. “As you know, the downtown area is very highly populated.”

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